Awesome Gifts for Hard Working Dads This Holiday Season

by Vern on December 15, 2010 · 0 comments

There are millions of hard working dads who are hoping to get a gift or two this season that they can really use. Dads like practical gifts, and if your dad works outside, he probably has a few things he’s wishing for that will make those long, hard hours at work more comfortable. I’ve put together a list of some great gifts for working dads based on my own experience. My dad worked on pipelines for years, including a stint working on the Alaskan pipeline, and he loved receiving every one of the items on this list.

The Gift of Warmth and Comfort

  • Top quality work gloves will help your dad keep a good grip on his tools while retaining flexibility and warmth. Don’t skimp on these; a cheap pair of gloves can be a disaster. Look for pigskin work gloves, they will stay supple even if they get wet, and they dry out beautifully. There are several good brands of waterproof, insulated work gloves made from pigskin that can cost anywhere from $15 up.
  • Sometimes a great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Invest in some hand warmers to tuck into his pockets or toe warmers he can slip into the toes of his work boots. When he’s knee deep in the snow, he’ll really appreciate the extra warmth, and you may save him from a case of frost bite. These are also great stocking stuffers.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, invest in a great work coat. Brands like Carhartts and Dickies are your best bet. They have an outstanding reputation for making durable, rugged coats that stand the test of time and wear like iron. Any working man will appreciate a heavyweight, lined work coat made of cotton duck or canvas.
  • Work boots are another great choice. Most men I know, including my dad, will wear a good pair of boots until they’ve worn through the soles. Your dad is probably wearing boots that are well past their prime. Be sure you get the right kind; some jobs require steel toed boots.
  • A boot and shoe dryer is an amazing gift for anyone who’s regularly out in the elements. If your dad comes home with wet feet or damp boots, he’ll love being able to slip his work boots or shoes over a boot dryer that will dry them overnight. I gave one of these to my dad a few years back and he still praises it. He loves going to work in the morning with warm, dry boots on. A good boot dryer uses convection technology to gently dry footwear without shrinking or stiffness.

The Gift of Tools

There isn’t a man on earth who couldn’t use a few new tools to add to his collection. While your dad probably has all of the basics in his tool chest, he’s sure to be coveting the latest tool innovation or some extra piece of working gear that he doesn’t have yet. Think about what your dad does around the house and give him a gift that will make those chores easier.

  • A telescoping, adjustable ladder can be costly, so some men “make do” without one. If you give him an extendable ladder that converts easily from four feet to seven feet to over twelve feet, I guarantee he’ll be thrilled. If the ladder telescopes for easy stowing behind the seat of his truck, he’ll like it even more.
  • A top quality flashlight is always a great gift for your working dad. He may already have a few flashlights, but he can always use another one that has practical, added features. A tripod mounted flashlight or one with a build-in stand will allow him to use both hands for any project but still have plenty of task lighting.
  • A truck tool box can be a working man’s best friend. Give your dad an under-bed or in-bed tool box so he’ll always have the perfect tool on hand without having to return to the warehouse to get it. Look for heavy gauge aluminum construction and a secure locking system to protect his tools from theft and the elements.

The Gift of Sports

Remember that even the hardest working dad likes to have some recreation. Does he like football or baseball? Why not get him something with his favorite NFL or MLB team insignia? Or does he prefer some golf? If so, golf accessories and gifts would be best.

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