How to Buy Ringtones as Executive Gifts

by Vern on September 30, 2010 · 0 comments

Ten years ago, a great executive gift was a fancy fountain pen or calculator. Today, a great executive gift is a custom ringtone. People today, executives especially, are very attached to their cell phones. Capitalizing on this fact makes it easy for you to purchase executives gifts that are not just appreciated but used. So forget the trophy that will shoved into the back storage room or the monogrammed coffee cup that will just sit unused on the shelf; this year go for something they will really want to get: ringtones.

Executive gifts have been used for decades to solidify and grow relationships with current customers and also cultivate relationships with prospects and business contacts. They are a very savvy and unique form of outreach that couples the message “I spend time thinking about how to service you better and meet your needs” with “here is a present, something free you can have just for staying in touch with me.” Every individual or organization that is serious about not only growing their success but crafting vital and vibrant client relationships has a strategy in place that includes executive gifts; if you are lacking in this area, there is no time like the present to start rectifying this gaping hole in your plan. And ringtones are a wonderful place to start.

But how do you gift ringtones? The conundrum with these great gifts is that they are digital, making them seemingly impossible to send out and personalize. After all, some of the thrill would be lost to receive a check in the mail for under five dollars with a message that reads, “Thanks for your business, go buy yourself some ringtones.”

The good news is some brilliant people already thought of this and designed gift cards specifically to carry charges for ringtone purchases. The best part is these ringtone cards can be customized with whatever picture or message you’d like on them. This turns your executive gift into a way to show your gratitude and loyalty to your customers and prospects as well as a way to further market your brand.

Imagine the response you could get if you sent out a personalized gift card loaded with enough credit to buy a set of five ringtones? The impact seeing your logo and reading your personalized message could make on potential clients as they fill in the card information in iTunes or their wireless carrier’s site has the potential to be very powerful. And powerful impact means mission accomplished when it comes to the whole purpose of executive gifts.

What’s even better than the convenience of the card is that you can purchase them from retails in batches of hundreds meaning you can send one to everyone on your executive gift list, as well as give them out to your employees and store some in your wallet for when you make a good business contact on the road. At just a few dollars apiece, this executive gift proves to be not only much appreciated but also extremely affordable.

Forget the old ways of reaching out to your customers, contacts, and partners – let’s go above and beyond business card holders. we are living in a digital age, and it is important your means of showing your gratitude move with the times and reflect this technologically focused culture. Buying customized ringtone gift cards and sending them as executive gifts is a great way to make the best impression possible and give your most important contacts something they can really use. Remember that every time their phone rings with a ringer they bought on your gift card, they will think of you – now that is a successful marketing campaign!

This is a guest post by Vern, a true fan of how music lovers can get their favorite tunes by using ringtone downloads wherever they go.

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