How to make the most out of Take Your Kids To Work Day.

by AdamRiemer on April 4, 2012 · 0 comments

Every parent loves take your kids to work day.  From secretaries to CEOs, it’s a chance to show off your kids and get to show them what you do and expose them to the real world.  The trouble is that some kids don’t always want to go to the office, so here are a few ways to help get them excited for a take your kids to work day as well as to educate them and keep them entertained.

Getting up in the morning.

One thing that is fun to do for your kids is to show them how adults get ready in the morning.  While they are sleeping the night before, sneak into their rooms and place a brand new kids bath robe where they can see it with a note to meet you in the bathroom after they shower with their robe.  If it is a boy, then Dad should show him how to shave with a fake razor and if it is a girl, then Mom should help her put on makeup for the first time.  Not only does this help them feel grown up, but it is also a bonding time and moment for parents with their kids.

At work.

One of the first things you can do to make your kids feel at home in the office is to have a chair set up next to yours and a name tag on the desk next to your computer.  On their chair you should have a gift wrapped box and inside include a few office supplies like a stapler, pens, a notepad, sticky notes and whatever else they could use for school.  Then throughout the day as you use certain things, have them use them as well.

The end of the day.

One thing that can make the end of the day special is to give your kid a gift for helping out and being well behaved at take your kids to work day.  Instead of a normal toy or something they would get for their birthday, get them an actual executive gift.  Buy something like a nice pen or one of the desk toys with the magnets in the base and stackable figures that they can place on their desk at school to remind them of how much fun they had at take your kids to work day.

Take your kids to work day is a way to really bond with your kids and to introduce them to the different types of work that people do at a company.  You can help them learn if they want to go into Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Programming, Human Resources, etc… and help to get their minds on track for the future.

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Adam is a blogger that covers everything from gay weddings to showtunes, broadway tickets and even helps to plan family vacations and events.  Having worked in the corporate world as an executive and then gone blogger, he is very familiar with how to make the most out of take your kids to work days.

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