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by Vern on November 23, 2010 · 0 comments

American’s have always been proud of their country, but in the last several months we’ve seen a resurgence of patriotism showing up in several ways that indicate that a newer, more thoughtful brand of patriotism is emerging in our country.

Displaying Your Pride in the United States with an American Flag

Immediately after 9/11, there was a swell of patriotic pride that had an edge of anger, which led to plenty of demonstrations to show pride in our country. Almost a decade later, the pride continues to shine while the anger has died down. We’re still devastated by what happened, but some people no longer believe in the war overseas. Fortunately, as time has passed, many U.S. patriots have come to realize that we can be at our most patriotic when we support our troops regardless of whether we support the war.

More people than ever are putting American flags on their front lawns are hanging them proudly from their porches or patios. While some people put up the American flag for special occasions like Veteran’s Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, many more are now displaying their family’s flag year round.

There are flags available in every form from small garden flags to oversized flags you can display on a commercial flag pole and every size in between. Walk down the streets of most towns today and you’ll see American flags waving brightly. One of the most popular style is the 3’ X 5’ American flag that can be displayed on a house mounted wooden or aluminum pole. But you’ll also so flags on car bumpers, in windows, and even as small flags mounted on cars.

And if you aren’t looking for a full sized flag, you can always get items with the flag on it, such as a United States Zippo Lighter, American Flag Zippo Lighter, American Flag Cufflinks, American Star Cufflinks, or an American Flag Money Clip, just to name a few.

Buying American

The new patriotism also has a practical side. More people than ever are buying American made products in order to keep stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants in the United States open. By buying products made in this country, they are supporting American workers and continuing to show pride on the superior quality and craft of products made right here in our own country. The term “pocketbook patriotism” was recently coined to describe this pro-active display of American patriotism.

There are so many people interested in buying everything from clothing to cars that are made in the United States that there are now websites where you can find out the best places to shop for American made items. The chat rooms and message boards on these sites are filled with patriotic Americans who want to practice their patriotism in an ongoing fashion.

There are many ways to display your patriotism, and the United States has millions of new patriots springing up around the country. Combining action, such as voting, with a proud display of the American flag will let others know that your patriotism and belief in this country is still strong.

This is a guest post by Vern, who celebrates his patriotism with American flags.

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