Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts Years One Through Twenty-Five

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Wedding anniversaries give us the chance to celebrate a couple who has succeeded in overcoming the many challenges to a long-lasting marriage, and blessing them with our well-wishes. Anniversary gifts are a tangible way of showing our congratulations and commemorating the years of marriage. Whether your gift giving style is more modern, or traditional, anniversary gifts have evolved over the years so that you can find a gift to suite your style, and that of the happily married couple!

Traditional or Modern Wedding Gifts The First Decade

For example, traditionally the first five years of marriage were celebrated with gifts of paper, cotton, leather, fruit and flowers, and lastly wood products like this classic humidor. Now, more modern equivalents of these anniversary presents include plastic, cotton or calico, crystal or glass, linen or silk, and silverware. Regardless of whether you choose to give traditional or modern styled presents your anniversary gift will show your support of the marriage couple.

Anniversary gifts for years six through ten also come in traditional or modern styles. For example, the traditional anniversary gifts include candy, bronze, pottery like this ceramic sports mug, copper or tin, and wool. These have been updated with a modern twist to now include pottery, willow, aluminum, brass, and iron.

Wedding Gifts For the Second Decade – Modern and Traditional

In the eleventh through fifteenth years of marriage, traditional anniversary gifts were made of steel, silk, lace, ivory, and crystal. The newer modern versions of these presents are perfume or incense, fine linen, barometers, clocks, and matching watches.

A twentieth wedding anniversary is a major milestone and is usually celebrated with fine china both as the traditional and modern choices for gift giving. Alternatively, some people choose a gift made of platinum, such as matching rings or necklaces, to celebrate the strength of the union.

Gifts for the Silver Anniversary – Twenty-Five Years of Marriage

The silver wedding anniversary, representing twenty-five years of marriage, is often celebrated with lavish gifts and parties on the couple. They’ve proven their marriage is no short-term affair and it’s a great opportunity for friends and family to celebrate them. Gifts are almost always made of silver and can be both practical and decorative.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, this is a great shot to check. You can find just the right anniversary gifts to make a statement and celebrate your friends or family.

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